Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Setting a knitting schedule

If life was organized my way, we would just knit what we want when we want to and not worry about silly things like meals or commitments and all that stuff.  Sadly, for some reason I still haven't been named the person in charge of all that.

My compromise, as it occurs to me that something happens every year rather soon after the leaves turn:

a list of what I really have to knit for Christmas presents, with the understanding that I will be branching off in many other fruitful directions as I please.

(Okay, I realize that a photo of autumn leaves is a bit of a stretch to illustrate the idea of a list, but the other morning I caught some amazing pictures of the neighbourhood's trees catching the bright light of sunrise and I thought you might like them.  Even though they are not knitting.)

So here's what my dream list amounts to, more or less:

about a dozen cowls (I no longer care if people want them; I want to knit them)

a woven scarf

some handpspinning, for the cowls

3 or 4 pairs of socks

2 pairs of handwarmers (because I want to finish mine, and Richard expressed interest in a pair after he put on his cowl yesterday.  in other news, the cowl looked fabulous on him and he liked it. yay!)

And now, the math

If each cowl takes a day: 12 days
weaving, another day: 1 day
handspinning: 4 days maybe
2 pairs of socks for sure: 14 days at full tilt

Is that 31 days? I think that's 31 days but I'm not going to count again in case it's actually more.

And it's November 12th today, which mean I have 43 days if I end up knitting straight through to Christmas day, which is usually true.  I think a 12 day buffer is pretty good, don't you?  Or maybe 10 days, since I'll need to do the annual neighbourhood shortbread frenzy as well.

If I end up not needing the 10 day buffer, I can probably finish the two pairs of handwarmers too.

Plausible, do you think? 

Sure you do - you're knitters too, and we live to overcommit.

Let's look at some more leaf pictures while you draw up your own list and then we can sing LA LA LA I can't hear you to our inner logicians.

There now, don't all those trees make the KnitFrenzy feel all hopeful and realistic?  I thought so.  Have a lovely day, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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