Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nice weather for knitting

Hello!  And if you live anywhere that's been hit by the storm system that also hit my neck of the woods, welcome to winter.

Winter is perfect for knitting, in my opinion, and I know that many Hugs readers are embarking on their Thanksgiving holidays which are if anything even more perfect.  I mean, what better way is there to recover from shopping and turkey consumption?

Over the next couple of days I have things to share that may help maximize any bonus knitting time, but today I want to show you a couple of sock things.

Square needles vs. round ones

First off, here is a Vesper sock knit with 2.25mm round needles, lying on top of a Vesper sock knit with 2.5mm square ones.

Isn't it amazing, the difference in width?  I mean, leaving out the lack of toe on the round needle sock (I'm getting there.)  Square needles are a little smaller than the corresponding round version, and it's recommended that you go up a size especially if you are a tight knitter.  I am a very relaxed knitter - in terms of my stitch size, obviously, not my temperament - and I still had to go up a size.

Looking at this picture reminds me why I am so much happier in my square needle socks - they are just so roomy and comfortable around the middle.  The stitches are marginally larger and in theory are going to be subject to more abrasion, but in the year or so since I started using them I haven't had even a hint of a hole.  Go squares!

The sock with a hole

Speaking of holes...

Ugh, so painful.  It's got to be a moth hole really but there's just no evidence anywhere else of moth activity so I don't know.  Maybe it got caught in something?

I have to stop being bewildered and just mend the thing, which will be easier now since I got this sock all the way through its toe last night.  Once I've worked some Kitchener magic on the live stitches, what's left of the yarn will be free for the purpose.  Wish me luck and I promise to show you the patch later, if it's not too hideous (or maybe even if it is, because bwa ha ha ha evil Mary.)

For now: have a wonderful rest of the day and drive safe if you're going anywhere!  I'll see you tomorrow with part one of some yummy weekend-y knitting stuff.


jezz said...

Your snowy photo is beautiful! Here in the states in my part of Georgia it tumbled to the upper 20s. I would love to be knitting on Thanksgiving Day, but I have to work!

Mary Keenan said...

I'm so glad I stopped to snap a picture of that hedge Jezz... later in the day a lot of that branchy snow had melted, but we still have some on the ground! and the air is FREEZING. Hope your Thanksgiving Evening is better than your day ;^)