Thursday, November 28, 2013

Last minute knits and makes: the idea list

At this time of the year, knitters are probably at peak vulnerability to free patterns that promise to transform stash yarns in to near-instant handmade gifts.  And since I hate to suffer alone I thought I'd write today about the patterns that are catching my eye at The Purl Bee.

Architectural interpretation* of my eyes, fixating on superfast Makes

If you don't know this site already, I'm very sorry, especially if people expect you to be doing something other than drooling at your computer screen today.  Because if you click on any of these links you can write off the next hour or so as browsing time - it is that fabulous.  And if for any reason you don't have the materials you might need for the projects there... you can buy them at the adjoining Purl Soho.

(I know, I know.  I'm such an enabler!)

One last word before I unleash the list:  as the weather has cooled in the last couple of weeks, I've heard from people for whom I've knit gifts and who thanked me already.  But now they're using those things, and they've been in touch to thank me again or just say they're thinking of me.  My theory about this is that when you knit a gift, you turn it into a physical manifestation of the friendly feeling that went into it, and that feeling is perpetuated season after season for both parties.  Speaking as a knitter - a selfish knitter no less, for whom gift knitting is super hard - that feels pret-ty darned good.

Okay, now that you've had a reminder about why we do these crazy things: check this stuff out!


a stashbusting, colourful little scarf in worsted weight garter stitch

the ultimate unisex cowl, designed to showcase a gorgeous yarn

a two-colour cowl that reminds me of mint candies

beyond-pretty dish towels that put a fresh twist on this year's 'it' project: the washcloth

a sheep pillow - okay, this one isn't fast, but it's SO CUTE

an architecturally dramatic, luscious cowl
(one that's a major and alluring upgrade from my own boring-by-comparison Magic Cowl) 


a superfast, superpretty bulky cowl I think even I could manage

little ornaments to top a present or make in bulk for a baby-friendly tree

embroidered-stripe balls for babies to roll away or hang onto


colourful sachets from wool felt 

super simple tree ornaments - again, good for pets and the under-3 set

oh, and these round ornaments too

insanely fast coffee cozies to pair with a gift card

Please let me know if you actually make any of these.  I'm seriously considering several and filing away others for future reference - but first: knitting as fast as I can on what I've got.

See you tomorrow with some weekend knitting aids I hope you enjoy!

* I'm not 100% sure the size is big enough, but if you click on that photo up there you should be able to see the pine-beam ceilings in those eye-shaped windows.  GORGEOUS.


Gresha said...

I didn't know I could comment/memo u ;)
I would like to tell you I love your patterns. So far I have only made the free ones but there are a few that I love and now see that they are on favorite is hmmm I think its the not just for chemo hat, with the one button. I have stage 4 breast cancer but right now I have all my hair so I just wear the hats for plwasure or warmth. I am now working on the up-country hat for one of my teenaage second cousins. I am going to look thru the patterns for a hat fit for my 5 yr old grandson. Thank you for your blog/emails and for your wonderful patterns.
thanks again Gresha Sommer

Mary Keenan said...

Gresha, that is so incredibly kind of you to say! Please do e-mail me if you like at, I'd love to chat. Meanwhile: I'm so glad to hear you've still got your hair! I know it's a little thing really but it's such a *nice* thing :^)