Monday, July 14, 2014

It's July, so I'm spinning

File this under 'how appropriate': I spun my Wilderness fiber at the cottage.  In the wilderness.

Love this colourway a lot, and not only because it's got green in it (green being my best colour.)  The whole thing is so muted and warm and yummy.  It's also got rather a lot of purple in it.

There's been a definite purple theme going on in my yarn stash - no idea why.  But it's pretty!

I have to say, compulsively spinning without any connection to the Tour de Fleece has been so relaxed and pleasant.  I have all the advantages of knowing that a lot of other people are spinning right now too, and none of the pressure to compete with any of them.  I even tossed out my goal of spinning every single day.  Nope.  Just trying to focus on spinning up all that fiber I posted about the other day within this one month.  Some days I can spin, some days I can't, but I'm managing to stay on track and that's all I really care about.

(admittedly, I've been keeping up by mostly spinning superbulky yarn which is faster than sport weight, but still.  progress!)

Spinning always amazes me because of the way it compresses super puffy roving into singles and plied yarns.

Basically, you're making little bundles of stored energy with a connected series of wheels.  And also, you're dramatically reducing the amount of space required by each braid of roving.

Which is really, really important to me right now.

Bet you can't wait to see what colours I spin up next!  (kidding - I know you would totally rather look at pictures of brownie-based ice cream sandwiches, and I don't blame you.)

Hope you had a great weekend and that you get to enjoy your Monday too, especially if it involves knitting.  Or brownies, heh.

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