Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spinning the purple

We've been doing a pinky purple theme here the last few days - tomorrow will be different, I promise. Meanwhile, how yummy is this stuff I spun last week?  Leaving aside the fact that the deep purple shows up as blue on my monitor and probably yours, as well.

This colourway is called 'Berry', and it's another Twisted Fiber Art club offering.  I didn't buy any additional yarn post-club for this one, which must have required some self-restraint because it's so pretty.

Unexpected, even.

I was thinking from the view on the outside that this would be a great colourway to knit up for Jan, who is All About The Purple,

But I don't think she'd go for this foray into pink.

And so I have no idea what I will do with this yarn when it's all plied and blocked.  Except that, since it's evolving from one colour to another, it won't be a pair of anything.  I'm too compulsive about the matchy to work my way through a run of colours across two items.

I can't wait till I'm finally done spinning all the stuff I lined up for this month!  Then I can ply and block and wind and measure and - whew.

Remind me again why spinning your own yarn is such a great idea?

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