Friday, July 11, 2014

New yarn... the last for Some Time

After several months engaging in a major Stash Down operation it was kind of a surprise to find our mailman standing at the door the other day with a fresh box of yarn in his hands, plus a little package of Vesper.  I knew I'd ordered stuff, of course, but...

I kind of forgot how much.  Check out the Vesper, too:

This one's called Hummingbird.  I almost can't stand how gorgeous it is.

The good news is - this time I actually remember what projects I had in mind when I ordered this round of Twisted post-club yarn.

Hello, Big Bad Wolf:

You are going to be a pair of Christmas socks, and a giftable Man Scarf.

Hello, Frog Prince and your companion Ribbit:

More Christmas socks.

Shhhhh, Rapunzel!!

Nobody tell Lannie, okay?

And of course, Princess and the Pea...

I have absolutely no idea and never did. I just really liked these colours and thought I might make something for myself.  Maybe a big cowl, to match a hat made from handspun? I did get a braid of Blue-Faced Leicester in this colourway, during the actual Club.  Or maybe some interesting tubelike garment that alternates every row, between yarn and handspun... it'd make an interesting texture, don't you think?

Okay, so here's the 'last for some time' part of the story.  I've been noticing a terrible thing lately, which is:

It's faster to buy yarn than to knit it.

It's so much faster, in fact, that I seem to have purchased enough yarn in Twisted Clubs alone to keep myself knitting and weaving - though maybe not spinning, because I'm still hoping to spin up almost all of my roving this month - for about two years.  And because I'm looking at close to two years of upheaval because of the home renovation and move and all the stuff I have to shed, I'm pretty much good for yarn.  I'm also pretty desperate to have less stuff in the first place.

So: no more yarn clubs for a while. 

Except for the Vesper club.

I mean, one tiny skein a month? I can totally keep up with that and still knit from my stash.

Today is Friday, which makes tomorrow the weekend.  Yay!  Hope yours is lovely and as bug free as I expect mine to be, and I'll see you on Monday.


Yvette said...

My, that's a lot of yarn!

Mary Keenan said...

Yes... one might almost think I have a problem with self-control ;^)