Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spinning the frog prince, and having an inspiration

The fairytale themed colours in the latest Twisted Fiber Art club were so fantastic - they were all inspired by particular fairytale books, published in two very different decades, with two very different colour palettes.

The only colour I got and didn't know what to think about was Frog Prince, which is basically green and brown with a little mauve in the transition.

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Nice colours and all, but how best to use them?  Somebody asked for socks in it and I duly bought some yarn, but that didn't help me with the roving, which I eventually decided to spin bulky because: fast.

This particular roving has silk in it, and it's very slick and a bit shiny as a result.  Super nice, is what I'm getting at.

But it gave me a lot of trouble in the spinning.  For some reason that may or may not be related to how hugely stressed I was the day I spun it, huge patches of it came out super twisty.  I might even say Overspun.

Practically coiled in spots.

Still, I persevered until I had four busy little singles all rolled up and ready to ply.

And then I realized what had been bothering me about the colours I'd been shifting through: I had some other Twisted Fiber Art yarn - years old - that might match it.

I got it out and took a look and - yep, I think so. The lighter colour maybe not so much, but the brown?  Definitely.  There's not enough of this stuff to knit anything interesting in either colour, but together they make up just about enough for one half of a handwoven scarf.

So before I could stop myself, I took my yarn remnants straight to the loom.

I'll keep you posted on how it all goes but meanwhile: I hope you find unexpected project ideas today too.  See you tomorrow!

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