Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The June scarf, in July

Amazingly, a little determination went a long way with the Hallowe'eny scarf I wanted to make in June.

I finally finished it, just by deciding I was going to!  Must use that trick more often.

Of course I still have to give it a good soak and trim the fringe, but those are minor considerations and could be done just a few days before gifting - assuming any of the scarves I've been weaving really make it out the door as gifts.  I have a friend who would love this one, and another friend who already loves it and expects to receive it, and a Me who can't help thinking how matchy it is for a ton of my own fall/winter outfits.

I'm especially in love with how well the evolution of colour worked out.  Basically it's roving that shifts from black to grey to yellow to orange, woven perpendicular to yarn that shifts from black to grey to yellow to orange.

And I even managed to spin the roving fine enough to look pretty good with the yarn, though of course the sides of the cloth are still a bit more curvy than they should be, and there's a patch here and there where I spun even thinner than the original yarn and got a denser-than-elsewhere colour patch as a result.

Still - I think this looks pretty cool, don't you?  Please tell me you wouldn't give it away either, because I really don't think I can.

I do think I can show you something new tomorrow though - hope I see you then!


Laurinda said...

It's really lovely, & I would have difficulties giving it away too!
I'm knitting another Instant Love hat for another daughter, out of handspun & I find myself petting it possessively. I really want to keep them, & their matching scarves, to myself!

Mary Keenan said...

This is my exact problem Laurinda! I keep thinking about sets, and then wanting them for myself ;^)