Friday, November 28, 2014

Handspun for infinity

This week I revisited my handspun scarf - the scarf I made with the very first handspun yarn I produced when I was learning to use a spindle, whose dimensions vary so dramatically and abruptly as to be describable in no way other than 'Art Yarn'.

Art Yarn = Art Garment!

I'm a little bit sorry that I used Twisted Fiber Art's 'Netherfield' colourway to learn spinning, because I love these colours very much and would have loved even more to have a scarf made from it that is sort of conventional.  But this funny little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of a scarf is what I have, so I just kind of poke a toe at it occasionally and think, Well, I'll wear it sometime.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I brought this home.

It's an infinity scarf from a shop I especially enjoy.  I've never bothered to buy one before, I don't know why, but I loved the colours and plaid here and it was an inexpensive indulgence.  And when you do the double wrap, it's also super cute.

This got me thinking... so I found a little yarn that sort of blended into the Netherfield and got stitching.

And then I did the double wrap, to test whether the length works...

And then I slipped it over my head.

You can still tell it's totally crazy along the sides, but in infinity form - it doesn't look bad!

(still think it's time I bought some more Netherfield roving though, now that I know what I'm doing with a wheel.)

Hope you have a great weekend - you know how I'm spending mine!  (with a scraper and some wall-filler, prepping walls for paint...)

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