Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just in time

It's a little late to knit socks for this Halloween, but some spooky yarn for October's Vesper club arrived in time to make our carved pumpkins happy....

Nothing like a pumpkin that appreciates art, am I right?  Even as it's on its way to the compost pile.

(seriously: is there anything more full of personality than a carved pumpkin head?  one of the very small neighbourhood boys carved eyes into his pumpkin and then a hole big enough to stick an apple into - every time I passed it, I considered whether his family's other pumpkins had stuffed it in there to stop him from talking so much.  as a fellow chatter, I could sympathize. I also tried to control the chat around said small boy, which wasn't hard, because he was so excited about Halloween when I saw him he couldn't stop zipping around.)

Our non carved pumpkins weren't quite as enthusiastic about this new yarn, or at least, they were less able to communicate admiration.

We've never kept bonus pumpkins around into November before but I am enjoying the bright orange that greets us from our increasingly dilapidated porch. It's hard to imagine that after so many years, this porch will come off the house again before next Halloween... that in fact, we might not be giving out candy from our door next year.  Construction starts in May and it's hard to imagine the approach would be safe enough for trick or treaters in just five months.  Maybe we can come back, and set up a table at the foot of the driveway, like a lemonade stand.  Save kids the trouble of walking all those ten or twelve steps to the house from the road. 

A day or two after Halloween, my friend Julia sent me a link to a series of cat videos I did not know about - and if you don't either, you are in for a treat.  Even if you are not a cat video person. Trust me.

Today is a beautiful day in Toronto: Wednesday and Thursday are to be cold and rainy, but today is clear and bright and might even be what passes for warm at this time of year.  I wonder whether I will be able to use any of the time for something fun?

Bump in the Night, Vesper Sock Yarn, club colourway

Hope you get to fit in some fun today, regardless of what the weather is doing.  See you tomorrow!


UmmRania said...

That video reminds me of a video my uncle made with his cats:

Awesome yarn!

Mary Keenan said...

So cute! love those cats :^)