Friday, November 7, 2014

Patternless hats: you get what you plan for

The other day I wrote about the Really Good stealth knit I was working on.  I needed that project so badly, because there is a ton happening here with renovation planning and condo-buying paperwork and other bits and pieces and - gah.  I was super ready to sit down and just appreciate some wool in a totally self-indulgent way.  So: I watched a bunch of educational videos about viking history, as one does, and I knit this hat without paying much attention to what it was doing.

Probably you can just make out the fancy decreases I worked into it, alternating knit-2-togethers with slip-slip-knits to make a very subtle cable effect at the crown.  So pretty!  And yet.  There's always a Yet, right?

And yet... there is something wrong.  Check out the numbers on this tape measure, for a start.

And now, let's put the hat further into perspective by setting over it a different hat which is a little bit too big for me.

Yep.  We are talking about a Colossal Hat here.  A hat so big, it would fill a pumpkin with joy to receive it.

A hat so big you could sub it in as a placemat at lunchtime.

A hat so gargantuan, Toffee and Little Bunny could play Bananagrams on it.

(Toffee would lose, because Little Bunny spends so much time reading, and there are only so many words you learn when you are a Toffee plotting Total Sock Domination.)

 Basically what I'm getting at here is, this is a gorgeous hat I will have to rip out and reknit much, much smaller.  But not this weekend, because it might break my heart, and I might need that at some point.

Hope you have something good to do this weekend and I'll see you Monday!


MarthaVA said...

Looks like something I'd make, and I'm not a knitter....
Maybe you could felt it and it would fit better? Hate thinking you have to rip it all out.
It's pretty.

Mary Keenan said...

Sadly Martha: superwash wool! It's okay - it was a really nice piece of knitting to do, and so fast to make it won't be a huge tragedy to reknit it. small tragedy: probably, if only because I would absolutely have worn it today it was so cold out, brrrr :^(

Mimi said...

I just laughed out loud! A sense of humor is a must if you're a knitter.

Mary Keenan said...

Ain't it the truth Mimi ;^)

Yvette said...

Could you run elastic through the edge and then block it into a slouchy tam shape?

Mary Keenan said...

It's just SO big Yvette! I thought about stitching in a pleat as well, to pinch out the extra width, but it was going to have to take in about 4" ;^)