Thursday, November 13, 2014

Little pats on the back

While knitting the other day, I thought of how those lovely moments sitting with yarn in my hands are dwindling away.  Instead of yarn, it's more often paint swatches and Do It Yourself magazines and floor plans.

Not that those are terrible things by any means.  I mean, they do lead to more cosy knitting time in the future, not to mention gorgeous new places to photograph the things that result from it.  The new condo is positioned amongst more beautiful terraces and parks than I could have hoped for, and the new house will have pantloads of new windows with deep sills to catch daylight from every direction.

Meanwhile though, I have to keep gift knits a priority, which gives me a chance to feel better about being pulled in other directions by patting myself on the back for small projects completed.

I have to say, I'm also patting myself on the back for settling on this checkerboardy stitch for my 2014 Gift Cowls.  It's super easy to work while distracted, and looks great in all colours and yarn weights, and omigosh warm.  I hope the people who get them are just as pleased to wear them as I have been to make them.

And one last personal victory: even though I have pretty much used up all my handspun yarn with a few more cowls yet to make, I've found some stashed yarns that will look amazing in cowl form as well.  Whew.

The one catch about knitting up evolution handspun like this one (Twisted Fiber Art, club colourway 'Berry') is the need to decide which colour to use for the borders, and which for the middle.  In the end I went for dark at the edge and bright in the middle.  Think I made the right call?

H'mmm... maybe it's not right, but now that I'm taking a good look at the photo I think it's a pretty yummy substitute.  Or to put it another way, if this one actually leaves the house it will be a miracle.  And: another reason to pat myself on the back, heh.

Hope your decisions are flowing smoothly, and that you're able to drop back in tomorrow - I have something very pretty to show you if you do!

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