Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stealth knitting

At this time of the year, there are two kinds of stealth knitting. The first is the good kind - the secret surprises you make for somebody you love.  The second is what we selfish knitters call the really good kind - the stuff you make for yourself when you should be knitting for somebody you love.

This hat falls heavier than most into the 'really good' category.  Not only should I have been making a gift knit instead, its purpose is to convert a previously finished gift knit into something for me.  I guess you (assuming you too are a selfish knitter) could call it a Most Excellent Knit.  It was also a little short on handspun, which means I had to go hunting through my stashed yarns for something to pair with it.

I had prepared for this certainty when I cast on, and I felt it would all work out eventually, which was true because YAY:

Thank you, Twisted Fiber Art.  Not sure I could find a more effective non-matching match, really.  And knit up, it's even less like it's non-matching:

Pretty good, huh?  I am holding the DK-weight green yarn double to bring it up to the general weight of the purple stripey handspun, and it's going SO fast.  Which means I can get back to gift knitting before any of the giftees notice what I'm up to.  (unless they read Hugs, in which case, Oops!)

What about you?  Are you doing any stealth knitting right now, of any description?

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