Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Knitting, knitting, knitting

Although I would love to do some spinning, I've been stepping over my wheel every day to sit in one chair for a while and knit.  It's such a relief to tackle a project that won't take more than a few hours, displays solid progress after a short interval, and features problems that can be solved quickly and without another trip to the tile store.

There are just so many unfinished things going on around here, to say nothing of the rising tide of stuff that isn't where it should be because there is no place to put it.  And because there will be a choice of places to put it next week when we are finally able to move some stuff into the condo.  WHEW.

Of course, when we get downtown for weekday convenience, I will be walking more, and I will need my boot cuffs.

I seem finally to have hit my stride with these things; they are just zipping along, and I am appreciating the squish factor of the fabric they are producing.  With luck they'll be done before the heavy snow we got the last few days softens into the inevitable slushy goo.

Meanwhile, after another couple of cold days with the Yak scarf, I have been thinking hard about how to solve the Yak Hat problem.  The yarn I can use is only sport weight and, being treated for machine washability, is missing the little grabby fibers that make a hat warm enough to be a real 'twin' to such a temperature-boosting scarf.

So I have been thinking of dense knitting and double layers, and decided on a double brim for bonus warmth around my ears, and a garter stitch body so the fabric is thick too.

I spent some knitting time looking at a lot of garter stitch hats thinking I could just make something that already exists, but I was going to have to make so many modifications for yarn weight and crown finish and everything else... it's just not worth it.  Swatching is easier this time around!

Have a wonderful day today even if you don't finish anything either, and I will see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

A number of months ago you wrote about knitting and wearing the socks you knit, that they last a really really long time. Perhaps you even said they don't wear out. I can't remember exactly. Anyway, the reason I have never knit any socks for myself is because I am so hard on my clothing and especially the socks I wear. I just hate the thought of spending all that time knitting socks out of some wonderful and expensive yarn only to wear a hole out in them within the month or two! However, my three young nieces are younger than me and don't weigh as much as I do so they exert less pressure per square inch on their footsies. I'm determined to knit beautiful solid wool socks for each of them. Then I can say I'm an intermediate knitter!

Mary Keenan said...

That is a great idea for starting to knit socks! You know what, wood floors are super hard on socks so I just wear slippers (or my not-Birkies) around the house over mine. It definitely depends on the yarn, but Vesper Sock lasts really, really well.