Thursday, February 26, 2015

There has been spinning

Today I am generously tearing myself away from bathroom fixture selection to tell you the other thing I did on my no-knitting-bag weekend: I plied the rest of my 'Maple' singles!

I have a ton of this stuff. There is a cake of black sport weight Playful, which I'm dipping into for my Yak Hat, and a cake of green to match the green stripe in the handspun, and a little over four hundred grams of said handspun which might be a little slimmer than sport weight, but close enough.

All told, I will have close to 600 grams of matching yarns with which to do something.

But what?  What would you do with 600g of sport weight yarn? 

I keep thinking Poncho, not that I ever wear those.  The pattern I love most for this yarn can't possibly use it all: it's Churchmouse's Shoulder Cozy, a cowl that doubles as a shoulder warmer.  I don't think I can carry off a shoulder warmer fashion-wise, but in terms of practical use, I need one bad.

It might be smart to knit the shoulder cozy in the handspun, then knit matching handwarmers and hat.  I am after all going to Newfoundland in May, and staying in a little house by the water with plans for some hiking, so I will need layers.

Or maybe I should knit something more substantial that's all one project.  I am at a loss, and I only hope that using up all my decision making skills on bathroom taps and toilets doesn't mean I don't knit this yarn up now that it's finally ready.

(I shouldn't speak too soon though - I still have to block it, cake it, and swatch it!)

If you're spinning today, I hope it's the good kind, and that we meet up here again tomorrow.

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