Monday, February 2, 2015

Sock knitting: the ups and downs

There is nothing - nothing, I tell you - like knitting a very thick pair of socks.  Bulky yarn knits up so fast!

It took hardly any hours of very cosy stitching to get the first of my geranium socks to the chompy sock monster stage.

Chomp chomp chomp.

Love that.  Loved every round of this sock yarn, loved being able to match it up to an existing sock in the same fiber and very similar weight so I didn't have to second guess my sizing.

Loved saying La La La, I am totally getting through this sock by lunchtime tomorrow and not running out of yarn because I weighed it and


Dang!  How can that happen?  I knit the leg too long, didn't I.  Oh man.

Not to worry!  I love this sock, and I am willing to make an extremely weird toe finish with what little is lying around in the same yarn weight.  See?

So weird, yet oddly appealing.  And unfortunately...

So short.  By just enough to be not comfortable.  GAH.

I'll bring this baby back out to show you when I've ripped out and reknit, okay?  Meanwhile, may your own knitting day go smoothly and with lots of Ups.


Laurinda said...

Oh no! What a valiant effort to save your work,too. Maybe you can get a skein of a similar weight locally, just to save your work

Mary Keenan said...

Not to worry Laurinda! I pretty much have a yarn shop of my very own tucked away here ;^) I've got what I hope is a pretty good solution going but I won't know for sure till I get close to the end of the second sock...