Friday, February 6, 2015

Yarn discoveries

I have not yet begun packing or organizing with anything remotely resembling Earnestness, but I did stumble across this yarn in the china cabinet the other day.

Let's not ask why I keep yarn in the china cabinet, shall we?  There will be weirder things kept in there soon, because it looks like the only possible place it can go when we move to our condo is the kitchen; if I can make it work there it will probably house the breadbox, and possibly all the cookie tins (which I hope will not be perpetually full of cookies because Doom.  but I am pretty sure they will be because the city's oldest market is across the street from the condo and it's likely I will go into major big time cookery mode living down there. or, at minimum, heed the siren call of the many bakeries in said market.)

Back to the yarn.  I do remember what this stuff is: it's Twisted Fiber Art Tomcat, and I used most of what I had spun on my beloved Ashford wheel for a scarf I wear often, and this is the leftovers I forgot I had.  There isn't really enough for anything obvious and I was at a loss until later, looking for something else in the actual yarn cupboard this time, I found the remains of the coordinating solid, dubbed Whisker:

Don't they look cute together?  it's enough to make a hat that will match the scarf perfectly, so I will totally do that.  Probably after I've packed some boxes, as a reward.

Also in the china cabinet I found this yarn...

... which I remember spinning by candlelight last summer during  Earth Hour.

I have no idea what to do with this.  Tea cosy?  Who knows.  I'm just grateful I got it out of the cabinet so it has a better chance of becoming something.

Quick poll on Surprise Yarn Finds: do we like immediately knowing what to do with them, or do we enjoy the aura of mystery and untapped potential?

Other quick poll on Weekends: knitting time? or running around doing errands time?  I always try for maximum knitting, but it doesn't work out very often.  Here's hoping it does this time! Enjoy yourself whatever you end up choosing, and I'll see you Monday.


Laurinda said...

My daughter told me that I have a problem, because she found yarn in a pan (I was in a hurry, & had to hide it from the jerk cat)
As for spinning, so far I like to spin for a project

Mary Keenan said...

Yarn in a pan is PERFECTLY logical to me Laurinda ;^)