Monday, February 23, 2015

Mistakes were made

This is what happens when you forget to bring home any of your knitting for the weekend:

You finally get around to finishing the thumbs on a pair of fingerless gloves you were supposed to finish a year before!  (and run in rather a lot of ends, too.)

Looks nice though, doesn't it?  Even though I also forgot my camera, and had to take these pictures with my phone.

Even without all my things (I might add toothpaste to the list, and my hair dryer) it was so wonderful to come back to our house after a long first week at the condo.  It's still unfinished and practically unfurnished, and every morning before going out for the day I'd have to shift what little we did take out of the way so Ray and Al could paint and sand and so on, only to bring them back out again when I got home for the evening.  It was worth it to be near where I needed to be every day, because driving through heavy snow is much harder for me than shifting suitcases and pushing a bed back into a sofa.

I haven't lived downtown since I was a student in residence, and I find it funny now that every single day I approach our building I hear sirens.  There are so many emergency trucks racing around all the time!  You can barely hear them inside the unit - it faces onto a courtyard with another six or seven stories above our floor to block the sound - but you can hear birds in the trees outside our living room window.

Another thing I'd forgotten is how hard concrete is on your feet and legs, even with wood flooring laid over it.  I was two days living at the condo before I realized its enormous size is a liability, because you walk so much from one end to the other.  I finally had to go out and buy a pair of Crocs to compensate for the lack of give in the floor, backup for the walking shoes I took to Italy - the ones that got me through two weeks of relentless cobblestones.

Anyway: home, and a practically hibernating knit complete at last.

This is the second pair of Churchmouse Ferryboat Mitts I've made with this particular batch of handspun, and it was a bit stressful to go on working with it until I made myself relax already about the stripes not matching up or looking very logical.

Mostly they're just beautiful, and I'm pleased with the way the thumbs made an extension of the stripes they started with even though they were knit after both mitts were otherwise finished.

See?  completely non-matchy, and gorgeous anyway, and photographed outside in the snow, at home.  How I will miss the little house when it's being reconfigured, and how grateful I am that Ray and Al will be taking as good care of it as they have of our condo!

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