Monday, July 27, 2015

Casting on

I seem to have gone back to high speed knitting, with a lot less time between cast-ons than usual even though I am mostly knitting socks, which take me about 12 hours each (24 for a pair.)

In fact, cast-on is now a more or less critical activity, because the worst thing in the world would be not having something I can take with me to do in the car or on the bus or while waiting for a friend.

I do have my faithful Kindle app, of course, but I'm getting through one or two books a week on that, so it's not guaranteed that I'll have enough still unread when I need to kill time.

At 2am however - that's a different story.  Do you do this?  Reading to fall asleep I mean, and then getting all tangled up in the plot and trying to read just one more page, and then crawling out of bed at 7 thinking terrible things about your intelligence level?

I do that.  All the time.

I don't love casting on, especially in the round, and it takes me a while - for a sock, I really like to have time to do the first three or four rounds to be sure I didn't twist the needles the wrong way.  Moebius sock anybody?

But once it's done, and the cuff ribbing is over - that's four or more hours of mindless knit therapy.  Yum.

Did you have a fun weekend?  Hope so!


Linda said...

I so want to learn how to knit socks! I keep trying, double pointed needles, magic loop - one smaller circ - and nothing works for me. I know I need to take a class, but balk at that for some reason. I just wish I had someone here in person to teach me and not make fun of me as I mess up - LOL!

Linda in VA

Pauline said...

Grumperina just raved about her newly discovered square needles, discovered thanks to another blogger. Of course, I thought of you.

By the way, I've spent the morning unsuccessfully looking on-line for fingering yarn in just those colors. Then I decided to go up to sport or DK to crochet my mitts. Still looking.

Mary Keenan said...

You know what Linda, I managed knit my first socks (in what turned out to be a time of family medical crisis, no less) with nothing but the pattern and a little e-mail help to go on... afterward a friend was impressed that it had a 'harder' heel than normal, and I was impressed that I had picked a toe-up version! I love toe-up, but I find it harder to guestimate when to start the heel, one's foot being less forgiving than one's leg. In truth they were a little small for me but I got the mechanics of Sock down. Your first pair can be a learning pair - just make a shorter leg to save time and yarn, and they'll be great bedsocks :^)

Mary Keenan said...

Pauline, I have to admit: these colours are SO fun together! And unusual... the lighter orange is almost a peach, and the blue is really clear and bright. I bet your mitts will be gorgeous!