Monday, July 6, 2015

Frog pond knitting

Hello again!  I hope you all had a charming holiday weekend (or non-holiday weekend, for those of us not in Canada or the US) with absolutely no food poisoning in it.  Mine was only mostly food-poisoning free, but I'm pretty much better now, with a lot of knitting to show for it.  Illness: the knitter's friend.

A few hours before my poor dietary choice I cast on my 'Frog Pond' socks.  I'd been putting these off because I didn't feel mad for the colours, and when I was finished the first repeat I felt justified in my hesitation.  But you know what?  Sometimes beauty results from sheer volume.

I really like these colours now. Can't you just see these with a pair of folded-up white jeans and a pale chambray shirt for a stroll along the shoreline in the final cooler evenings of summer?

So grateful for all the autopilot knitting too, because I'm just not the kind of knitter who revels in complicated work as a distraction from other issues.  I did some of the longer sock on a road trip I'll tell you about tomorrow, but all the rest after walking very, very carefully to a red recliner yesterday and gazing dully at one movie after another. 

(fun fact: the exterior of the big Birthday Party Scene in Fever Pitch was actually the front of the historic building right around the corner from our condo.)

Okay, I think that's enough from me today.  Take care of yourselves - really, take care of yourselves, especially around mayo or other things that might be not 100% okay to eat - and I'll see you tomorrow!

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