Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Colours combinations and a building update

The skeins from Julia's final stock of Vesper Sock arrived last week and oh truly, bright colours in snug skeins are just the nicest things you can unpack from a metal mailbox.

Now I have to think of which colours to put together.  I know I have a skein or two each of both pale pink and bright red from an earlier interest in coordinating heels and toes, so I could add those in after I find them, but even these few shades are pretty interesting.

Isn't it cool how different combinations make a different mood?  When I cut the yellow, the stripe has a completely different feeling.

Or when I take out the brown and wine, and put the yellow back in - superbright sock!

I should use yarn to plan out decorator colours when we get back into the finished house.

I'm in denial about the house again... I am so used to the condo already, and when I close my eyes and think of the house I picture myself moving through it exactly the way it was, rather than the way it is now.

How it is now, in case you're keeping track:

Ray has cut open the floor to accommodate the new stair position and used the original stair bits in a different combination to allow worker access to the basement.  Kind of like the way I tried the new Vesper skeins in different groupings, but with a lot more screws and supports.

The basement itself has a dirt floor again - all the concrete is out.  A lot of the dirt will be ferried out the side window too, so that the floor can be lowered to accommodate state of the art drainage and a new concrete pad that features in-floor heating.  We might end up with an inch or two more in height than we had originally, but nothing to write home about.  However, we won't have damp or seasonal flooding, so - yay!

Upstairs, Al is taking off layers of brick with care and precision and brute force, then cleaning each one of its original cement mortar, so we can reuse those bricks on the front of the second floor.  A brick that matches the original brick's texture has been located, but the colour isn't quite the same, so the search continues.  Al says he suspects it is the same colour but the ones that have protected our house for the last 70+ years are pretty dirty.  I'm with Al - it's the first thing I thought of when I saw the sample.

In mostly unrelated news, an old dresser we left behind is now a work bench - Ray and Al turned the three drawers into a surface and two legs, and I guess the frame is doing bench duty on its own somewhere else.  LOVE how resourceful these guys are!

And back to yarn.  I like this autumnal combination, don't you?

It occurred to me last night that autumn is coming, no matter how fresh July still seems to me.  All the old cravings are coming back for order and clear surfaces and sewing machine access, and believe me: I'm feeling the fact that for the first time in years I have not been spinning wool every day in July.  In fact I haven't gotten near the wheel since I moved its storage space three weeks ago.

What do you hope to accomplish this summer - and will you be able to do it?

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