Friday, July 17, 2015

Round and round

Sometimes you just need to acknowledge a problem to be able to solve it.  Case in point:

I finally pulled together all the bits and pieces to wind some sock yarn into cakes!  And not a moment too soon, because this week I cast on the very last of the supply from my previous setup efforts.

That's ten skeins up there that have to be caked, and then I can add in the other two full cakes I wound before the move for a total of twelve colourways to divide into two socks' worth of yarn for portable knitting.

(time translation: if I knit a pair a week, which is top speed for me, I have enough yarn to keep me busy till November.  not counting all the other yarn I have stuck into nooks and crannies here.  or the new sock club I just joined.)

LOVE this colourway - Lions and Lambs, I think it's called - with its chambray blue and bright yellow and orangey shades.  I am really excited to get that one onto needles.

Sadly I only have one double set of needles coming free... I can knit two and a half pairs at a time with my current supply of square double-points, and the remaining one and a half sets are tied up.  So I am going to have to choose, and choosing is SO not my strong point.

Woodlands is the other colourway I can't resist - it's got chartreuse and two shades of blue in it, which just look fabulous together.  When the stripes build up on a Vesper sock project the colour combinations create strong moods, and I know this one is going to be a steady flow of Happy.

This one on the other hand, with the varied shades of purple and green:

This one is going to keep me calm.

Knitting a lot of socks back to back the way I have, so I can keep things simple here in Box Land, I am coming to a new understanding of colour therapy.  Aromatherapy gets quicker results I guess, but I love the sustained, tactile experience of knitting stripes.

If only I loved winding stripes as much.  But at least I have a good carrot to keep me going, right?

Hope you have a good carrot for any work you get stuck doing this weekend, and lots of fun times too.  We just got word that our cottage plumbing is all fixed and tested, so we'll be there this weekend... and one of the days will be super rainy, so I've got my work cut out for me finding special projects to take up there.  Maybe this is a good time to get back to my spinning wheel?

Either way, I'm sure to have lots to show you on Monday!  Take care and I'll see you then.


Deb said...

If you can't decide, you can assign each a number and roll the dice or draw from a hat.

Very pretty yarn.

Mary Keenan said...

ooo, you're good Deb ;^)