Friday, July 31, 2015

Knitting at the movies

I am loving all the movies I get to see now that I live above a theatre and don't have to factor in travel time.  Now, instead of racing to get a ticket before they're sold out, I stroll downstairs early and knit for fifteen minutes before the lights go out.  And then I knit on autopilot for as long as I can without dropping a stitch or otherwise messing up.

It's surprising how much progress you can make that way, isn't it?  I can't say my ability to knit in the dark is improving - I don't think I've ever made it past the first hour of a film before I truly have to stop - but it's fun all the same.

The trouble is that you can only do it in patches. I knit 82 rounds plain from cuff to heel flap, so that's enough to get me through a few movies, but when I took this picture I was just about out of anything to knit in the dark.  The horror! and I had a date to see Ant-Man coming up, too.

As it was, I knit the middle sock leg about six rounds past where the heel flap should have started, while watching Mr. Holmes.

I couldn't help it! I was on such a roll, and I was sure I wasn't that far along.

Anyway: I worked hard this week to get through the heel and gusset and back to the plain knitting of the foot, or over the cuff at the top for another 82 rounds of auto-knit.

Ahhhh, much better. 

Now I just have to get these orange, brown, and blue socks over the complicated bits so I can see more films... but since I'm spending the next week at the cottage that's probably going to be less urgent.

Or not, if we get all the rain that's been forecast and opt to slip into the nearest town with a theatre for a change of scenery...

Hope you have a fabulous long weekend.  I'll pop back in on Monday and maybe I'll see you then!

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