Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three sheets and a rabbit

Last weekend I saw an old friend who is renovating too, and moved into her temporary home around the same time we did - but she picked a rental that doesn't have in-suite laundry.  Naturally, this long-planned project coincided with other unexpected responsibilities that leave minimal time for the shared facilities, so her family is just buying clothes every time they run out of clean ones.

Hearing that made me feel less pathetic about buying new sheets for the cottage this summer:

Because you know what?  I forgot the usual cottage sheets in the back of the garage when I stored all kinds of house stuff in there till the renovation is done, and I can't face digging them out and then washing and packing them before Saturday morning.

Here's the thing about new sheets though: they are POWERFUL.  When sleep is a precious commodity, is there anything simpler to make dozing off seem stress-free?  Not in my book.  And Toffee agrees.  In fact, Toffee seems to think he will get to chose which sheets he gets to sleep on, because he usually comes north with me when I go.


Those are the nice guest room sheets, buddy.  You are not getting those ones.  (though I will admit, I really, really like them too. also they will match the pennant hanging over the guest bed perfectly, not to mention the denim comforter we use in there.  but no! guest room!)

He got Little Bunny to try these ones out with him because they're for the twin bed room: cute, right?

The little dots are actually little stars, in baby blue and royal blue.  And they will match the window's blue curtains, if not the bright orange blankies we put on those beds in lieu of a bedspread.

Do people still use bedspreads, or is it all comforters or quilts or duvets now?  I've been using our blue polar fleece blankie for quite a while here at home... just too lazy to organize anything fussier at the moment.  At the cottage, it's a thrifted vintage green wool blankie that is definitely the wrong shade for my favourite, the tiny pink and green retro floral.

This print won't match the orange and green car curtains in our room at all, but even in the dark I know I will feel so happy curling up on this sheet set after a busy day of driving and shopping and unpacking. 

And I'm sure Toffee will enjoy them too, especially if I wave some handknit socks in front of his nose to lure him in there.

Wish me luck with the next phase of packing and I'll see you tomorrow!

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