Monday, June 29, 2015

Tea-related knitting

Pretty sure it was February when I got the idea to knit this, but look! a finished tea cosy!

This is Churchmouse's Ribbed Tea Cosy pattern - very very easy and, I think, quite attractive...

And also, strikingly similar to the cosy pictured in the pattern.  H'mmm... but you know what, brown with hits of green is a very practical choice for something that will inevitably get tea spilled on it.  Also, I'll get to look at the remains of this beautiful Viola yarn a lot more often in cosy form than I did knitting handwarmers and a cowl for somebody else. (did you know Viola is coming available again at regular intervals?  a new collection is coming out this Wednesday at 4pm EST.)

I brought the pot to my desk chair for that glamour shot there, but thought better of it and took it up to the windowsill. 

The view is the best part of this room, though over the weekend I did excavate and furniture-shift just enough to carve out a cosy knitting nook here, near a television, just in time to watch the second episode of the newest Poldark on PBS.

Want to see the view? I think I've shown you before, but the leafy plant outside - it's not ferns, ferns would have died by now surely - keeps growing and I find it remarkable for its texture and colour shading and lack of skyline-spoiling (in spite of taking up half the height of the window at this point.)  It's been trimmed back once this summer already, but you can't tell now, can you.

It rained all weekend, and it was so, so pretty watching droplets form on and fall from the leaves...

Anyway, tea cosy.  I miscalculated with the tea cosy, in that the lid on my pot is a bit taller than standard.  It's kind of like I hitched up a perfectly good pair of pants a bit too high on the ol' waist, resulting in floods at the ankle.

Should have added a round or two at the start, whoops! but it's done now, and cute as a button, and will come in handy when I have more people who want tea than my everyday teapot can hold.  This happens annoyingly often, especially with evening breakfast tea.  Taylors, my friends.  It's so delicious, people can't tell it's decaf.

In other news, apart from the brief time I gave to the cosy, I spent all weekend unpacking and furniture-moving (see Poldark reward above) and this place is still total chaos!  I haven't got a clear surface for the swift and ball winder, or a clue where I might find the pegs for the swift, and I'm getting kind of stressed by all the UHaul-branded boxes stacked up against the walls.  Pretty sure there's money in designing boxes that look attractive for people who move and can't unpack in a day.  I have a teetering stack of very attractive vintage tablecloths I could sling over them, but not enough to do the job.

So... since I'm pretty sure most of you guys are busily gearing up for a holiday weekend and doing things other than looking for cheery distractions, I'm going to take another couple of days off from Hugs and see if I can't get this sorted out once and for all, thereby leaving my brain free to remember all the cool things I wanted to share with you (and actually photograph them, too.)

Take care and have fun - I'll be back as soon as I can see over the rubble!

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