Friday, June 26, 2015

Consequences of a cinema downstairs

There's a movie theatre downstairs, and its sign listing movie titles and show times is positioned perpendicular to our front entrance, so every time I've gone in and out of our condo building I've found myself sighing that someday, when the urgent boxes are unpacked...

Knitting socks was another thing I was going to put off until I got the boxes unpacked, but I gave in on that one last week.

I missed straight stocking stitch SO MUCH.  I've been working on the patterned socks on the bus to and from our usual neighbourhood, but the stitch it uses is just not as peaceful.

Plus I think there's another consideration I hadn't considered, but we can explore that next week.

My point is: here is what happens when you love movies, and move to a building with a cinema on the ground floor, and then put off going to see any of its movies because Work Sleep Work Laundry Commitments Blah Blah Blah...

One day, you just blow up and binge watch three movies in two days and socks happen in the dark on autopilot.  That one on the right is ready for its heel flap, for crying out loud.  How is that possible??

I am so, so sad that I've now watched all the movies I want from the current rotation.  I'm thinking of going back for a second viewing of at least one because it is so fantastic down there.

I'm pretty sure the place has been in situ for about 30 years now, and I saw movies there with friends in my youth.  It hasn't changed at all.  It's incredibly cute, a product of the days when multi-screen theatres were a new concept and some of the little cinema rooms were smaller to accommodate less popular titles.  To compete now of course, the seating areas have to be huge and the speakers set to deafening, but back then?  It was a thrill just to have six different films to choose from all in one place.

So... the theatre itself is adorable and scrupulously maintained.  It can offer films in limited release because it's got those small venues, and the admission prices are way cheaper than in the newer cinemas.

I am super happy.  I'm a bit nervous about how super happy I am, actually, because I'm starting to forget the reasons I love my house.

I went back there the other day and forgot my turning because I'm so out of practise getting around in that neighbourhood.

The birds sing there, and the leaves rustle... but they do that at the condo too because there's a massive shared terrace outside my window that's protected from roads and public view. 

I can get errands done in an hour here that would take three at home, and it's quieter here in spite of people living above and beside us, because at home there are a LOT of unattended dogs voicing their concerns, and almost as many lawn care companies showing up to blow leaves, which - oddly - seems not to concern the dogs overmuch.

Even the business of carting groceries back from the store is easier, in spite of having to go through a shared entrance and then stairs or an elevator before we reach our own door, because at home we have to walk ten minutes or drive and park, and here we just go around the corner of the building.

And then there are the tourists.  This building is smack in the middle of an area listed in all the guide books, and now that it's summer, I am seeing tour buses and strolling visitors and people posing randomly for pictures in front of interesting architecture.  Based on a few random comments I am pretty sure some of the other condo residents find the whole thing a bit tiresome, but I love it!  It feels so great to think that people would come from a long way away to be here, and even better to think I get to live here and not just spend an hour or two.  When I see people stopping to consult a map I just want to walk up and help them out.  (so far I've resisted, waiting to be asked, and somebody did ask me for directions today so Yay!)

We're going back to our house, of course, and I still can't see being here as an 80 year old - which is the very time when a condo makes an especially huge amount of sense - but boy oh boy is this experience ever making me question how I define 'home'.

Do you ever think about this sort of thing, or imagine living somewhere very different?

Either way: I am sure we can all agree that fiber and yarn is essential to a happy nest!  so I'm going to spend this weekend unpacking the rest of mine, and putting it all together somewhere accessible, and moving more boxes so I can put all the best knitting seating into all the best sun patches.  Wish me luck because UGH, actual knitting is so much better than this.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend yourself, won't you?


Laurinda said...

Unpacking is such miserable drudgery; especially if it's only temporary. But your knitting is delightful!
I have a very special skein of sock yarn, with long repeats, that I think would be perfect with that pattern. Can you share the name of it?
Also, that's an impressive amount of movie knitting! I can only knit worsted weight in the theater, & even then, I keep a finger-light handy

Mary Keenan said...

Laurinda, they are 'Fruit Stripe Gum Socks' by Leah Oakley... I can never get links to work in a comment, but you get it through Ravelry and you can just do a quick pattern search there :^)

Linda said...

I do think about living somewhere totally different. And my idea would be a condo - not too high, but with a pretty view. And a balcony where I could sit and read and knit. Not a big condo - just enough.... and oh, if it happened to be in Paris, well, I would not be sad - LOL!

Linda in VA

Mary Keenan said...

Ha! location, location, location ;^)