Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The first of the last, and accompaniments

Considering there are about 15 pairs between me and the end of my Old Vesper yarn, it's a bit ominous to say this is the first of the last, but hello, newly cast on socks.

I realized something terrible while I was settling in to watch TV for an hour, which is that I'm working on hardly anything and the two knitting projects I've kept near the TV are too close to the end to knit mindlessly.

There's lots of patterns I want to knit, but all the necessary yarn is still skeined, and there are so many boxes and papers all over the place I don't have access to my swift and ball winder.

Luckily, I had two caked skeins of Vesper that were already divided into a further two cakes (one for each sock.)

So these got started during Person of Interest, which I deliberately didn't get invested in until several seasons in only to binge on reruns, and later, Back To The Future.  Odd to think that the '30 years ahead' from its 1985 setting is now.  We don't have any of the things they predicted in it.  But I would be glad if we had self-caking yarn!

As you can imagine, most of my not-knitting time is being spent unpacking, and normally I would be listening to a zillion audiobooks for that job, but somebody told me about the Welcome to Night Vale podcast and... well... I'm pretty much listening to Welcome to Night Vale a lot.  (that second link is for the YouTube channel; the first tells you how to subscribe.)

If you don't know this one, it's pretty bizarre and wonderful.  Basically you're listening to a community radio show in a town where every conspiracy theory or bizarre science fiction concept is real, and often concurrently so.  In spite of reports of a mysterious glow cloud tossing down small animals (said glow cloud later taking a job as head of the local school board) the podcast sounds so normal, so much of the time, that when you stop listening and go to watch the actual 6 o'clock news?  Pretty hard to remember it is real and you probably shouldn't be laughing at it.

What's your favourite show to watch or listen to while you knit?

And also, what's your favourite shallow container to repurpose as a knitting bowl?  I've been using a blue decorative box lid lately, but recently added a wooden veg and dip bowl too cracked to be functional for food.  What can I say?  It was a wedding present, and I couldn't bear to part with it, and it does a really, really good job with yarn.  And beach stones, ahem.


Laurinda said...

Repurposing for the win! I can only use bags with zippers for my knitting projects, because I have a very bad kitty who LOVES yarn, & has dug it out of an open bag. & I'm his favorite person, too 😐

Mary Keenan said...

My late cat used to love me best too (she liked Pete somewhat, hated everybody else) but she'd still stalk, pounce on, and bite me in the middle of the night every night. And yep: still miss her!