Monday, June 15, 2015

Pattern remorse: has it happened to you?

By pattern remorse I mean yarn/pattern remorse, because there is nothing to regret about the really pretty and super versatile cowl I am knitting with my Sweet Fiber yarn.

As you may recall, the lovely Woven Cowl is a free pattern courtesy of the talented Monique Gascon.  If you click on the Ravelry link above you will see that it's very beautiful as a closed cowl but also, as a partially unbuttoned collar.  And I am totally smitten with the way it looks in this olive green shade.

If only I had just one more skein.  Here's what I bought: THREE.

I never do this.  If I'm not just buying one of something, I buy two, all the time.  If you see me in the grocery store you'll spot that straight off - me, plus a basket of duplicates.  You know, one for now, one so I have a buffer before I absolutely have to run out and buy more.  When it's yarn I buy two so there's one for a hat, one for a pair of matching mitts or a cowl or a unifying colour for a more substantial accessory.

I never spring for three skeins of the same yarn, so it's unlikely I will ever again have the right number for Mavis, a cowl/shoulder cosy designed specifically for the very Sweet Fiber yarn I am knitting with.  GAH.  Click the link to see what I mean - it is a gorgeous, gorgeous piece.

When I first saw the pattern I was tempted to rip out Woven Cowl and start it again with something else (it only requires one skein, so I'd have a fair bit of choice here in Yarnland.)  But then I thought: No.  I love the way Woven Cowl is coming out, and it's almost done now.

So I'm knitting onward with Woven Cowl and trying not to think about Mavis and diligently telling myself that it's a drag knitting multiple hand dyed skeins into one project because you have to keep switching between them to avoid pooling or otherwise noticeable shifts in dye density.

It's not really working... unless you count me seeing the whole experience as an excuse to stalk the Churchmouse website for factory-dyed yarns (and I might, because the world is unjust.)

Have a good weekend?  I did, if you don't count the pain and suffering that only a knitter can appreciate...

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