Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Always read the directions

While it's fun to improvise - if you're following a pattern, it's a good idea to read it.  All of it.  Remember when I thought I was supposed to knit my tea cosy 4cm and I knit 6cm by accident so I ripped back to 4?

Yeah.  It was supposed to be 4 INCHES.  Somehow my brain cut to the chase on that part of the instructions and I missed the bit immediately after the number.  Thank goodness I noticed that was a pretty short opening to take care of both a spout and a handle.

Lesson learned: never trust your cat to read the pattern for you and take measurements.  Especially if it's a stuffed cat - I don't care how soft and cuddly he is. 

And no, Scruff, I don't believe you knit that sock, either, because I distinctly recall doing it myself.  Nice try though! 

Okay folks: crazy week here at Casa Des Hugs.  I am still surrounded by boxes, the schedule is crazypants with deadlines, my brain is full of an all-absorbing idea I can't do anything about because Unpacking, and I'm not sure whether I will ever get to use the pool at the condo because I keep not having time.  What is wrong with this picture?

(don't worry, knitting is still getting stuck into the cracks, whatever Scruff has to say about covering for me when I'm gone.)

At least I found time to post pictures tonight.  Speaking of which, a friend who visited Newfoundland when I did shared her photographs with me and I am embarrassed I ever showed you any.  Hers are AMAZING.  Probably because she is a world traveler highly skilled in the photographic arts and I just take pictures of knitting, but maybe also because she has a much better camera than I do.  That's probably it, isn't it.


Okay: let's hope we meet again tomorrow but if we don't, I trust we will very soon, and that I will be reporting from a magical land of clear surfaces, an exposed sewing machine, and a perpetually available swift and ball winder!  Oh, it's a wonderful dream, isn't it?

Take care of yourself for now, and knit something cute because omigosh - it's almost July, and don't some of us spin in July instead??  I really need to make space for that.  And for Scruff, because he said something about wanting to learn and you know the way cats are.  Especially the stuffed ones.


Pauline said...

Why unpack? Who is keeping score? You've been doing fine without the contents so far, and it will all have to be packed up again in just a few months. Just stack the boxes here and there, throw a pretty sheet or cloth over them, put a lamp on top, and you have instant temporary furniture. You can box dive to retrieve a must-have as needed. Now go jump in the pool. It's going to be a hot summer.

Mary Keenan said...

Oh Pauline if only this were true... I've already hidden the boxes we don't need to open now, and the other boxes are hiding stuff I need and have been looking everywhere for. I did do the box/tray/lamp trick for bedside tables though ;^) Also I just watched three movies in two days at the cinema downstairs! can you spell procrastination?

Pauline said...

Ha ha! P is for Pauline and P is for procrastination thus my not so helpful advice.