Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A surprise on the beach

Oh, hello yarn, what are you doing here in a post about a shoreline?

The cottage Pete and I rented in Newfoundland is a brief, curling walk from Torbay Beach...

Can you imagine this in the summer, when all the brown turns green?

...but it took us a few days (and somebody describing 'lucky rocks') for us to start meandering down there.

There were always a couple of cars parked in the circle at the brink of the beach, and a few humans on the shingle, but one day we also noticed ducks in the stream that feeds into the ocean.

There always seemed to be a stream feeding into the ocean by the way, every time the coast curved inward and out again.  It's funny to see how grassy it is at one end of the little bridge that crosses it and how rocky it is on the other.

So many rocks, zero sand.  This is not a place to spread out a towel and sink a mostly unprotected body, but it is an excellent place to dry fresh fish for export, which is what a beach like this was prized for in the past.

I of course had different standards.  What, for example, is this mystery of the lucky rock? You might think it is 'any rock on the beach because omigosh you have never, ever felt anything so smooth in your life and could anything be more relaxing to hold in your hand?  but no.  Apparently it's one with a circle on it.  And oh look, here's one now.

The light coloured bit stretches around this rock, like a belt.  Not every rock on the beach has a circle, but given that there are rather a lot of rocks...

It's not hard to find a lucky one.  At all.

There are big rocks, thrown higher onto the shore,

and smaller rocks held close by the lapping water,

and knitting,


Oh, knitting.

Apparently some people can't go eight days without knitting after all... but more on that another day.  Right now, let's look at the creepiest lucky rock in the world:

I might have had a little fun with the creepy lucky rock later.

Because after all: holiday!

And that's enough from me for today.  I do actually have yarn to show you and some other cool things from the trip, so drop back in tomorrow and until then: have a lovely, lovey time.

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