Thursday, May 26, 2016

Finished socks with pins in them

Never mind running in the ends - I couldn't even wait to take the pins out before I took these pictures.  Finished socks! I am so grateful for finished socks!

Not that I can wear them right now.  I'm all about airy sandals this week, it is that hot out.

(mind you, hot won't matter in six or seven weeks when we finally make it up to the cottage, because BUGS.  I will be wearing both handknit wool socks and my boots every time I venture outdoors for anything other than swimming - learned my lesson after that first relaxed summer when the blackflies found my toes and I couldn't wear shoes for two weeks.)

This colourway is called Endless Summer which, with a glance at the cottage calendar, I call False Advertising.  We have that cottage all year and we can only use it from early July - not even the beginning - to the end of August - not even Labour Day (because of life, not bugs, but still.)  We need a MUCH longer summer, or at least one with fewer biting insects in it.

Here I am posing on tile.  Of course I'm posing on tile!  We have a room full of tile samples to store and they might as well earn their keep.  This is one I didn't request, but fell in love with, except that it's a blue gray I won't be using anywhere.  It might come in white though, and by white I of course mean off white because why be logical?  This particular tile is worth making a trip to the tile store for because it's got a lustrous-wash-over-matte finish that doesn't show up on camera but gives a very slight amount of pattern that I find soothing.  Perfect for those showers you get stuck taking way too early in the morning, when you are still groggy and really, really don't want to be vertical yet.

Also it's called Rosedale.

If you don't live in Toronto you may not know that Rosedale and Forest Hill are the two most beautiful and expensive residential neighbourhoods here (not counting the Bridle Path, for which you have to be very wealthy indeed.  Prince had a house there for a while, for example.)  Growing up, my dream was to live in a converted coachhouse in Rosedale one day, so you know I'm not going to miss my chance at putting Rosedale tile onto my shower walls.

Really need to get around to running in all those loose ends though, don't I.

I guess a random tile isn't as cuddly as my old porch was for showing off socks - plus, there's no risk of embarrassment, taking pictures of my feet as the neighbours walk past the front of our house, which removes the thrill factor.  I wonder how much I'll do that when the house is finished though, because we are building a back deck.  Maybe I'll use both!

Speaking of the porch, it looks like part of it might be going back up soon!  The roof, anyway, with temporary supports to fill in for the new edition of the columns we had before.

So nice to have mostly finished socks. 

Not least because it means - new socks in progress!  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you which colourway won the competition.

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