Friday, May 13, 2016

Finished Socks!

Okay, I really did not expect to finish these socks, so I am completely surprised right now.

Even though all those hours of knitting I put in should be logically connected to the idea of finished socks, I did not make that connection, because SO many things went wrong.  To recap (and add new complications I haven't mentioned yet)

I couldn't find the needles.

I found the needles and had to finish the socks they were in to get them.

I knit two legs before realizing the two sets of needles were not the same size.

I reknit a leg and started a foot before completely finishing the gusset and had to rip back.

Also, I was distracted from knitting by:
a/ Family health emergencies
b/ House project requirements
c/ Forgotten dates to meet up with friends

And yet: I was able to give Carolyn not only her husband's socks that have been finished for months, but a new pair for herself, AND go off to visit our aunt together without sparing a thought for knitting en route.

It's kind of a miracle that it worked out, don't you think?

Or maybe it's more of a testament to the kind of tenacity we knitters develop.  It's very character-building, knitting. 

Educational, too.  For example, I thought that by ensuring both socks were knit on the same size of needles, I would ensure consistent striping between them - but no! In fact, it got worse.

I corrected at the end of the heel flap by starting both feet at the same point in the colour change, but it didn't really help.

Now that Carolyn's socks are done and her visit nearly over, I am looking back at what passes for my regular life and wondering what to do next. 

Fix Julia's too-short socks? 

Finish Wayson's nearly-done socks?

Work mindlessly on my own plain stripey socks?

Sneakily cast on something entirely new, like a hat or a sweater or a shawl for a family friend I've been meaning to knit for?

NO idea.  What I should do is collapse in a heap - I feel exhausted after all that, and the condo is the kind of messy you only get in such a chaotic situation, so really I should at least tidy up a bit.

Or... maybe I could just rest on my laurels a bit and not worry about it?

Hope you have fun plans for this weekend and I'll see you on Monday!


Linda Mcneely said...

you keep posting these pretty socks and eventually you are going to convince me to get some of those little tiny needles and give it a try. what would you suggest for the easiest pattern to begin with? and where can I find a reasonable pair of needles. I am needle poor right now! hubby is going to kill me for all the money I spend on needles! lols and secondly no yarn stores around here so would wallmart or michaels carry sock yarn? or do you have to use sock yarn? can you use acrylic yarn with a larger needle if so what size. seeeeeeeee you have me thinking!

Mary Keenan said...

Heh heh heh

Okay Linda, I'm sorry for tormenting you and you make a really good point: I should do a post on how to knit easy socks! Soon. For now, Yes, you can definitely knit socks on larger needles with larger yarn - I do it all the time to wear with unlined boots in the winter (or lined ones I bought in a bigger size, for really cold days) or to sleep in. I haven't done it with acrylic but you could, just be aware that they won't have as much 'give' as wool does so you have to make sure they are exactly the right size.

When I do my boot socks I use a 2.5mm needle with DK weight yarn, but I have a very loose tension when I knit so if yours is tighter, you could go up as far as 3mm. Just be aware that the looser the gauge, the sooner the socks wear out!

Mary Keenan said...

Oops! Forgot to say that Michaels definitely carries sock yarn, in Canada anyway. Patons Kroy Sock is what I've seen - it's very fine yarn, a little slimmer than what I use. I haven't knit with it but the reviews of it on Ravelry are pretty good!