Thursday, May 19, 2016

Two new old patterns to share

I decided a couple of weeks ago to turn two of my for-sale patterns into for-free ones.  Each one showcases a fun technique (stranding and shaping respectively), they are both fun to knit, and in spite of their being *totally* not in season as I post this, they do make perfect gifts for a best friend. 

Hot Stuff! a very warm hat
I mean honestly: what friend doesn't want a picture of a steaming cup on their forehead, handknit for them by You?  Nothing gets more attention, I promise you.  (okay, let's all agree that even though this is not necessarily what we're after when we go out in public tired and cold and just wanting our errands over with, it's still true that this hat gets attention.)

I loved making both of these patterns so much, and it's amazing to me now to think there was ever a time when I could just sit down and enjoy creating something new.  You know what I'm talking about, right?  You're swamped too.  Let's all make a deal about scaling back on stuff so we can relax more.  Then you'd have time to knit these patterns, or even just breathe deeply.  Deep breathing is so underrated.

Candy Wrapper - a very warm necklace

Because they're both older - the Wrapper is from 2011, and judging by my glazed expression I was coming down with a cold at the time - I'm not sure whether the yarns I used are still available.  This is one situation where substitution is a must!

Speaking of which, you can get away with acrylic for the Wrapper as long as your gauge is right, but I wouldn't risk it for Hot Stuff.  It's a stranded hat and will need the elasticity that only wool can give you.

Normally I would give you lots of luscious info on how you get that crazy scarf shape, and how long it took me to fix it so the steam that divides the names of our favourite hot beverages is actually coming up out of a mug (hint: a really, really long time), but I have been unexpectedly tight for time this week and it took me an hour just to get the pattern files over into the free area of this site, so I will just invite you to click on the .pdfs for all the info.

(that is all one sentence. poor self-editing, or use of language to express breathlessly chaotic day? I leave you to decide.)

Click here to download the .pdf of Candy Wrapper Scarflet

Click here to download the .pdf of Hot Stuff


Laurinda said...

Aww- that's so generous of you Mary! Thank you so much <3
The steam coming out of the mug IS perfect, & must have been an ocd nightmare to get JUUUUST right :-D I really love the scarflette, which looks perfect for a small skein of precious handspun!

Mary Keenan said...

Oh that is a really good idea about the handspun Laurinda! Must see if I have anything in the right weight :^) I'm going to sort out my standard sock pattern too and get that up onto the site, but not till after the longsuffering fingerless mitt pattern is done, heh