Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The definition of Friend

This past Saturday was the shopping part of this year's Knitter's Frolic and I couldn't go, but Trish could.  I asked her if she would mind terribly undertaking some shopping on my behalf, and she said she wouldn't mind at all, and partway through the morning she sent me a text that said this:

Recognize these guys?  It's worsted weight yarn in Romney/Mohair blend, hand-dyed by Sylvia of Stoddard Family Farm.  (I know, I know - shocking that I would ask for more Stoddart boot sock yarn out of all the possibilities at the Frolic.)

Sylvia is sort of retiring from yarn production - well, scaling way back - and because her yarn has become my go-to therapy yarn, I kind of freaked out at the thought of not having a fresh supply ever again.  But apparently my fears were misplaced because Sylvia is still hoping to dye yarn at some point in the nearish future and even offered to let me know when she does.  In the meantime, when Trish told her I'd given her a budget and free reign within it, Sylvia dove into the bins looking for what yarns she had left in a consistent weight.  It sounds like this (plus a skein somebody else snagged when Trish's back was turned) cleaned her out of everything but roving.

When Trish and I met up on Sunday for the Colour workshop, we swapped dollars for yarn, and now I am a happy girl again. 

Probably this new influx represents four pairs of socks, and I have maybe a little more again from last year's Frolic.  I figure if I ration it, I will have enough Sylvia yarn to get me through the next two years, or even three, if I don't knit it in summer.  I'm not usually stressed enough to need Sylvia's yarn in the summer.  Also, I find just petting it while it's in the skein, the twist still quite airy, is pretty effective at making any angst from the day just dissolve.  Ditto holding a pair of finished socks and letting the fabric drape over the back of my hand.

It's kind of embarrassing to be so attached to a particular yarn.  I mean, it's not like it's a cat.  It doesn't actually purr at me.  Audibly.

Do you have a favourite yarn or fiber that helps your breathing slow just by touching it?  Yarny colours that ease your eyes and fill your mind with happy thoughts?  Fibers with a halo that gleams in the lamplight?

Mohair is a powerful thing and makes socks that are extremely hardwearing, but other fibers have a calming effect on me too.  Angora is nice, unless it gets up your nose or you have to frog it.  I'm quite partial to the buttery feel of alpaca, especially when blended with a beautiful wool like the Jacob blend I used for my 'boyfriend sweater' tea cosy.  And silk can be quite soothing as well.  But of course, the king of soft is cashmere.  Trish has a TON of cashmere in gorgeous colours, all reclaimed from thrift store sweaters, and she makes the most amazing things with it.

But I love Sylvia's yarn, and I am SO grateful to Trish for hooking me up with some more.  That's a true friend - somebody who will enable you when you go overboard on something that matters to you...  and has her own go-to yarn that's completely separate from yours, so you never have to compete!

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