Thursday, January 30, 2014

A sweater for a teapot

Is it January 31st yet?  Heh, didn't think so.  Just thought I should call attention to that fact, because I'm about to show you my completed goal for 2014.

It's true - I actually knit the tea cosy!

I decided in the end that I really love the brown yarn best, but I'm not ruling out the more colourful option because I have a larger teapot that is otherwise exactly the same as this one.

For now though, the brown yarn is such a great match for the kitchen counter.

The pattern for this tea cosy was totally made up as I went along.  I did take measurements first, and I did do a gauge swatch - I even started to write up notes to follow - but once I started knitting I kind of couldn't bother going on with them.  Instead I decided to add in some ribbing not long after I'd left off the first bit of it, because there was no other way to make a thick fabric that followed the curve of the pot, simultaneously.

I like the Art Deco feel of the ribbing as it reaches down into the middle of the pot at the sides.

But I especially like the way there is a large patch of stocking stitch just where my hand rests while I'm pouring.  The way stocking stitch feels in this yarn (the Jacob Alpaca blend from Toots LeBlanc) is the best thing about it.

That's why I probably won't put the cosy on purl side out...

even though I really, really love the way the purl side looks.  It's pretty much a million times better, isn't it.

Still: nice problem to have, don't you think?  And it's so very nice to have a warm little sweater on my teapot.

Hope you have some nice problems today too and I'll see you tomorrow!

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