Thursday, January 16, 2014

The knitting and weather report

Hello from the land of ice, snow, and Stoddart boot socks!

I'm still doggedly working my way through these, with I think three pairs to go before I can justify buying more of this yarn.  And I have four finished pairs in use, for which I have not yet been able to take glamour shots - so you have that to look forward to, heh.

This particular pair is the one with ugly colour changes that horrified Pete when I suggested that I might finish them to fit a friend of ours.  They really look so awful at the start of each stripe.

I'm sparing you that side of the sock, until both are done and the ends are run in nice and snug.  After that, they'll look beautiful (I hope.)

So: I had our friend over before Christmas and offered her these or socks made from one or two other yarns, and she liked the Stoddarts even with the ugly stripes - so there you go.  They are what I really wanted to give her anyway, because she is one of those people who does crazy outdoor winter things like camping for which Seriously Warm Socks are so nice.

And for that same reason, I would really like to finish these socks fast while she can still use them.  Sadly, we have been having Weather, and the fallout from same is eating up all of my knitting time.

It's even eaten up my knitting space.  See, that basket the Stoddart socks are sitting in is the one that slides under the coffee table in the room where the TV lives.  It's where I keep my default knitting for those exciting evenings when I have time to sit and watch stuff.  But there's been a lot of super thick ice left over from the pre-Christmas ice storm, and we weren't able to chip or salt enough of it away from the house before the temperatures rose and produced a whole lotta rain...

... so naturally, last weekend, the TV room in the basement flooded.

Yes.  Not to the degree of Pond, but enough that the flooring is all puckered and warped and not drying out very quickly at all.  It's the only thing that needs to be replaced - that and some drywall maybe, if there's a chance of mold behind it - so we're lucky I'm picky about leaving stuff around on the floor in that room.  Including my yarn stash, which incidentally also lives there, but in raised storage on the side farthest away from the water's entry point. Also, inside securely fastened Ziploc plastic bags.

But it does mean the TV is not something I can be cosied up watching right now, because the furniture is all shoved together and the room, overall, does not smell as fresh as it did before.  Ahem.

Oh, and bonus: the weather means there is even less space in our tiny house than usual, because there's been another stubborn patch of ice keeping our garage door shut.

Luckily we had the foresight to realize this might happen, and got the garbage cans out of there before the rain came.  The recycling bin: not so much.  So all that piled up inside the house with us.

Things to be grateful for:

a/ Having only these First World, Non-Homeless problems to worry about right now.

b/ The stack of long-running period drama DVDs Pete gave me for Christmas and a computer on which to play them.

c/ The living room, which is amazingly still accommodating us during the basement's off-limits status, in spite of already serving as the only space to eat a meal, play the piano, stow the cold-weather accessories and boots, or find a book (never mind that whole sitting and visiting thing.)

d/ The meltings of a couple of days ago, which made it just possible for me to finally get the garage door open again (albeit with horrific damage to same, sigh.)

That was a lotta ice behind there, the product of melts from our neighbour's garden.  Think we should have the whole thing modernized a bit when Ray comes to do the porch in the spring?  Yeah, me too.

Meanwhile: I am wearing previously-knit Stoddarts and holding a large mug of tea and thinking fond thoughts about a nice slow spring (where the white and/or icy stuff doesn't all melt at once with no place to go.)  Ray is coming over this morning to assess the flood damage, and I'm hoping it doesn't involve that wall because drywall dust and yarn storage really, really do not mix.

Hope your knitting time is still your knitting time, and not just spent clearing snow!

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