Thursday, January 2, 2014

Plying: the most fun part of spinning?

My favourite part of spinning is the plying.  It takes less effort than making singles, and it's one of those landmark moments where you can really feel you've finished something.  Still, when you do a lot of it at once, it's hard not to remember that unless you plan to weave with the stuff (and I don't), you still have a lot of blocking and other finishing-related work ahead of you.

And it doesn't always come out looking the way you thought, either.  I was aiming for 'bulky' with Posies, and got 'wobbly'.  Twisted handspun always knits up into fabulous, but I tried to be more careful with the next bunch of singles:

I do actually prep the fiber so that the length of each colour will match up as I spin the singles, but you'd never know it, would you.  So much barber pole!  Again though: the end product will be fabulous, so I'm not going to fuss.

Juliet is ready for blocking now,

And Posies,

and finally Hijinx.

I think I mentioned I was going to knit these up into fast cowls this month, to be ready for gifting next Christmas.  Well, plying gave me a different idea.  Best laid plans, etc...  Isn't that always the way when you make stuff?

Hope your day is marvelous, and I will see you tomorrow!

(ps, the weathered boards of the porch were supposed to be long gone by now, but my contractor was free to work on the house too late for paint to cure properly this past fall so the porch floor won't be replaced now till spring.  I kinda think I might miss the photography potential when they're finally gone, you know?)


MarthaVA said...

Love your yarns! They are beautiful. Yes, your porch gives the photos depth and distinction!

I know a lot of people that dislike plying, but personally, I'm with you - I love it!

If the yarn is talking you into doing something different than your original plan, hey, go with it! :-)


Mary Keenan said...

Thanks for the moral support Martha! I'm thinking I can just spin more Twisted for the Christmas plan... and I might already have bought some for that purpose, ahem.