Monday, January 20, 2014

A visit to Stitch

When I'm lucky enough to get to Stitch, I always treat myself to something cheery-uppy.  I cannot recommend Jocelyn's shop enough, truly - on that or any other front.

Even when you take your stuff out of the bag at home, it looks peaceful.  (There was actually a bottle of Soak wash in there too but I'd put it into the laundry room by the time I took these pictures.)

I was excited to hear that Malabrigo has just started to produce roving, not least because I'm spinning more lately.  I love Malabrigo's colours and how incredibly soft the yarns are, but I'd stopped knitting with them because I don't enjoy the variegation.  I was even more excited to notice some gorgeous natural fiber woven ribbons on spools in the back room.  I just didn't notice until I got home that the ribbons and roving I chose, match.

As always: I brought home some fabric.  I think I might be using these pieces to learn quilting by way of making new cushion covers for the living room sofa. 

But the unexpected find was this beautiful thin wool-blend felt from Heather Bailey, which I'll use to make homey little ornaments.  I really love doing blanket stitch - so soothing - and it will be great to have some new reasons to do it.

happy sigh.

Since I was at the store last weekend I've already spun and knit the roving, and I'll tell you that story tomorrow.  Till then, have a great, crafty day!


Marianne said...

Your talents truly amaze me! I can barely fit in time to knit in a day much less have time to do the woodworking projects that sit waiting for me in the garage workshop! I've always wanted to learn to quilt, my step-mother was a very talented quilter and we had always said when I retired we would spend 2 weeks together so I could learn some of her methods. She passed away in 2010, 6 months before I retired. I was left one of her sewing machines and some of her books and patterns and tools of the trade. I will learn someday I'm sure!
I truly enjoy your blog, inspiration to keep trying new things and work on perfecting my knitting most of all!

Mary Keenan said...

Ohhh, Marianne, I miss woodworking - I was terrible at it, and one day I looked at my hand and the power saw and realized I should quit while I was ahead, but it was so great to be able to design a shelf and cut all the pieces for it. Like sewing, but sturdier! That is so sad to have missed that opportunity with your stepmother and I bet when you do work with her tools you'll get some of her guidance anyway. I haven't a clue how to quilt either, but I bought myself a quilter's sewing machine with a legacy a few years ago and I have been feeling pretty guilty about not even trying yet. Also, I am getting super tired of my living room cushions ;^)