Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Overseas Christmas-present socks: complete

Gwen had just sat down beside my cousin's belated Christmas socks for a final round of photographs -

you know, because I was doing the treasure hunt substitute for actually getting them to her on time - when I ran into difficulties.

Toffee spotted them.

I'm not sure what the fuss was about because he'd seen me working on them loads over the holiday.  Maybe he just hadn't had a chance to observe them together, and finished, and on their way out the door?

Either way, they really knocked his own nonexistent socks off.

And he really wanted me to keep them here, for him.  He even begged!

I felt pretty badly, but I also have a heart of stone.  So he tried the Cute Bunny trick, demonstrating how perfectly they fit his ears (and hinting a reminder that I hadn't done anything for him for Christmas.)

He also pointed out, both helpfully and accurately, that they didn't fit into the only proper mailing envelope I had at home.

In the end, he let them go... after I told him there was enough yarn left over from my cousin's socks to knit a second pair exactly the same, except a little smaller.  For me.  And that I'd let him share.

I really need to knit that poor rabbit some socks!


Jezz said...

Maybe Toffee needs some bunny ear warmers--I mean, that fur can only go so far in the winter!

Mary Keenan said...

That is a great idea Jezz!