Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Digression day plus a hat in progress

I have been investing serious knitting time in the second attempt at this hat:

but I did have to stop and take a picture of it in the sunbeam that shone onto the yarn over my shoulder yesterday.  I swear the ribbing glowed, though that doesn't seem to have translated to the screen... anyway I'm going to take that as a good sign.

There is definitely a swirl of colour coming out in this yarn.  Might have to consider a stitch pattern for the body of the hat that will break it up a bit.

It's definitely June now - the 21st, wow, it's almost July! - and I am starting to realize that cottage season is upon us.  I am not letting myself think about it too much because I know various problems await there, like bugs (always, the bugs) and a broken leg on our dock that I am hoping our dock installer will have dealt with by the time we arrive.  I left him a message about it over the winter knowing that he will either get it or not, but would not have time to reply until next November.  They are SO swamped at that place, and he is incredibly generous to talk to me at all because apparently we are the only client he has on our lake.  Which means he has to send a crew especially to put our dock in and take it out. 

Really the fee for this job is so small I can't believe all our neighbours do their own docks.  It takes at least half a day and you need several young able-bodied people to do it... which I guess isn't a problem if you have a huge family coming up every weekend anyway, but still - wouldn't you rather get straight down to enjoying the view? 

And supporting the local economy is never a bad thing. 

I personally would like to support the local economy by sorting out an addition to the road-side of the cottage so we can stand at the kitchen counter without blocking the flight path to the bathroom, but I know that will be a HUGE production and we would be much more sensible to have the septic bed pumped out.  Such a glam life we lead up there.

Instead of planning for the cottage, I am obsessing about the bedrooms in the new house.  Specifically ours.  It is pretty much settled now that we are buying this bed from Restoration Hardware:

and even though it costs about $212 a yard I can't stop thinking about this fabric from Colefax & Fowler.  If it comes to that, I will give up chocolate for as long as it takes to pay for at least two cushions in it, but I'm going to focus first on cutting costs elsewhere. 

I know, I know, I posted this image last week.  I love it so much I would post it every day so be grateful for what restraint I have.  I've requested a sample from the upholstery store and I actually cannot wait to have it in my hands so I can look at the flowers as much as I want.  And you know what, there is always the chance that when I'm looking at it live and in person, I'll see that the background is some dismal grey, or that the flowers actually look like praying mantises or something (you'd be surprised how many floral prints contain what look very much like man-eating plants; it's quite distressing to think of sitting or lying on one).  If that happens I'll feel free to go and buy a nice sensible stripe at a discount fabric store and be happy.  So: possible bonus!

Are you a Funnel Cake fan?  This is a dessert that has piqued my curiosity for the longest time.  Fairs always seem to have a Funnel Cake truck, and I can tell instinctively that funnel cake is like poutine in that you don't ever want to try it because it is emphatically not as good for your arteries as it is for your taste buds.  And because I am sensible (okay, I'm not sensible, and I don't have a clue by what Herculean effort I have avoided eating any) I have never tasted it.  But if you're curious too... or already know it and want to know how to make it at home... Smitten Kitchen posted a recipe for Funnel Cake today.

I am a huge fan of this blog and its relentless stream of eye candy, so I would just like to say how very grateful I am that the way at-home funnel cake looks is... well, not appetizing, said Mary with uncharacteristic tact.  Because I really don't need another delicious recipe to make too much of.

Drapery has become a pressing topic for the house and I am thinking about this fabric for a massive tall window in our stairwell. 

Too much Attack of the Killer Cabbage Roses?  I wanted something with some pattern because the sconce lighting at either side of the window will be very fancy:

Plain white seems a bit dull with these lights (which are 17" tall by the way, I was amazed when they arrived to see how large they are, even though I possess several measuring instruments and should have known)... and a multicolour stripe or floral seems too shouty.  Of course I don't have a price on that fabric yet and I will need about eight yards of it, so it may not be possible.  Still, nice to dream!

Speaking of that window - you know what, the landing in our stairwell is not really what I'd call small.  Ray and Al were suggesting to me the other day that I might want to set a chair there and enjoy the view from the window, which would in fact be a great way to make me feel less like putting it in wasn't a horrible mistake.  I don't think we could fit a whole chair.  A bench, maybe, or more realistically a stool.  But if you can lean back on the wall occasionally a stool is just fine for spinning at.  And if I were going to sit there and spin or knit, investing in gorgeous cabbage rose drapes would be much less frivolous, don't you think?

Maybe I should save on yarn purchases, as well as on chocolate, the better to afford them.  (yeah, I know.  forget I said that.)

Okay, I think that's enough idle rambling from me for today - hope you're having a good day and I will see you tomorrow!

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