Monday, June 13, 2016

Many a slip twixt the skein and the cake

I don't know about you, but I will gladly put off non-urgent tasks until past the point of daunting.  Sometimes you need to work toward achieving an impossible objective to feel like you have some control over life, so on Saturday when I felt a bit overwhelmed - as opposed to Sunday, when the norm was to be more than a bit overwhelmed - I got out my accumulated Vesper Sock Club skeins.

And they were soooo far beyond daunting.  But also exciting, because there are a lot of colours in here I can't wait to knit.  And still daunting, because sometimes winding yarn into cakes doesn't go the way you think it will, and it takes a lot longer than you allowed time for. 

The first skein went well - only 15 minutes from braid to cake!  I started to relax, but that was a mistake.

It took twenty minutes to clear up a comparatively small snarl, resulting from cranking the caking machine too fast and watching Murdoch Mysteries instead of the swift, whose arms are perhaps a bit too short for anything faster than a Sunday-drive pace.

The one after that was just as bad, and the one after that too.  By the time I made it to five cakes - halfway through the job - I'd been at it for two hours.

Thankfully I figured out the problem (and Murdoch ended) so I was able to fight my way through the last five skeins.

DONE.  It took well into the evening, but I was DONE.  And if I had just stopped there... but no, I decided I needed a treat.  A nice solid-coloured yarn.  A skein of Viola.

Oh look, it's a hand-wound ball of yarn, rather than a cake.  Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Still, gorgeous yarn, isn't it?  And it sparked some ideas that aren't socks, so stay tuned, folks!

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Mimi said...

Feeling your pain.