Thursday, June 9, 2016

Time to knit, unless you are Biscuit

Last night I was SO tired, I had to chose between knitting and writing about knitting.  And frankly the knitting chair is much more comfortable than the writing chair.

I got loads done on my science experiment sock!  I can't wait to wear... Oh dear.

Biscuit, it's just a sock.  You've seen them before.

Have you met Biscuit?  She is a young relative of Toffee who - as you know - has a weakness for socks.  See here, and definitely here.  Hello Biscuit.  Be good.

And... back to my story.  I was in the knitting chair, knitting lots of sock, and then I got onto the heel flap which reduces my needle requirements by one, so I set it on my lap and kept knitting... Biscuit?

And then I did the heel turn and came to a terrible discov... Biscuit!  Be careful! 

That's a chompy sock, Biscuit.  Yes. Chompy.  They bite.  See?

It's true!

They're little and don't know any better.  When they get bigger, they are perfectly safe to play with.


Back to my story.  When I finished turning the heel and reached for the extra needle to go on with, I made a terrible discovery: it had fallen into the depths of the chair!

Sorry, I should have warned you to sit down before I told you that.  It was pretty horrifying, for sure.

Thankfully Pete was on hand to do the dirty work of hunting through the underside of the chair and recliner mechanism after I did the easy work of tipping the whole thing on its side.  And after a few minutes with a flashlight he called out, Got it! and produced this:

Wrong needle.  Except, YAY! because that is my favourite darning needle and I've been looking everywhere for it!  After we skipped a joyful celebratory Needle In The Haystack dance, I made him go back and within another couple of minutes I heard a second Got It! and now my happiness is complete:

Really rethinking that recliner for knitting in though.  I guess it'll be even riskier to knit on a navy blue velvet sofa when the house is done, huh?  Unless I switch to super shiny pearlized needles or something.

Looks like I have to take tomorrow off which makes this a three-post week.  Rats.  There's a lot to do on the house though because spray foam insulation's coming in just a few days.  Before that happens, among other things, I have to take pictures of every single exterior wall so we always know exactly what wires and pipes are where.  My personal renovation photo album for future residents to enjoy - I know, I know, it's enough to bring tears to your eyes, it's so sweet.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday! And maybe Biscuit will, too.

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