Monday, June 6, 2016

Sock toes times two

It's so gratifying to get two socks to their toes...

And I would be even happier if they were from the same pair.  Oops!

I remember the strategy here though - I was trying not to knit so much of one colourway that I got bored with it, not realizing that I would knit so fast this time there would be no time to be bored.  No matter.  If I can finish the red stripe one (it's got just six rounds to go) I'll have free needles to cast on its mate and make it the travel sock because - oops again!

I made good headway on the actual travel sock instead of knitting those last six rounds.

Here's an interesting coincidence: the beige stripe on the science experiment sock is a perfect match for our maple flooring.

If I have any of this yarn left over I should knit something small and cute to add to our 'styling' plan - a stripe in a pillow maybe, or a little knitted animal to sit on a shelf?

I did a lot of cleaning up here at the condo over the weekend.  And when I say cleaning I mean not only cleaning, but tidying, and reorganizing, and shedding excess stuff.  It was pretty crazy here on Saturday!  But the results were worth it.  I know where everything is now, and I can move through the living room without falling over boxes of lights.  (I will spare you a photograph of Box Mountain. Much more peaceful to look at Flooring and Wall Tile Central.)

I'm at the stage now where I am finalizing paint colours, so I moved the rejected tile samples behind a chair and have left all the shortlisted paint boards out.  And yes, we do seem to be zeroing on on plain, bleh colours... I know a lot of people say paint is easy to change, but given the pricing (and longevity) of the best quality paints and the amount of prep involved in changing wall colours, I consider paint as semi-permanent a finish as tile. That makes bleh is all powerful.  Bleh is happy to be a backdrop for any artwork or vintage find I choose to showcase, whereas colour wants all the attention.  It's just safer for me to leave the colour to things I can pick up and move out of the room or put into a cupboard, whenever I want an updated space. 

Did I tell you about the paint colour boards before?  I bought them from Maria Killam - technically, they are for designers and decorators to use with clients to help them determine the right paint colour to make their rooms look fabulous, but I didn't see why I couldn't have a set.  I ended up buying both the basic set and the extended pack, and I love them - use 'em all the time.  I have a fan deck of most of the Benjamin Moore paint colours as well, but the big cards Maria has had painted up make it much, much easier to see what paint colours bring the tile colours to life. 

After I cleaned up all the samples, I stacked two baskets to support a telephone, and tucked a knitting catch-all inside one of them:

Gwen is watching over it, and reminding me to sit down and finish a project.  She's also holding on to my darning needles and stitch marker/safety pin tin so I don't lose them again.  Gwen is a very, very helpful monster.

Also kind of hypnotic.  In fact I feel compelled to stop typing right now and finish that sock.  Hope you had a productive weekend too - see you tomorrow!


Su said...

I think I need a monster like Gwen, not scary, but helpful and kindly and nice to look at.

Mary Keenan said...

CGMonsters on Etsy, Su ;^) Gwen is a bunny monster! I also appreciate Biscuit, my chair bunny from JellyCat. Always inviting me to come sit.