Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I must have had time on my hands

Yesterday when I was looking for something else I can no longer recall and definitely did not find, I came across this demented toy-cat photograph:

You probably missed this project from six years ago on my now-retired Procrastination Diary, but it's the cat I bought and accessorized for a cat- and mermaid- and princess-loving five year old neighbour.

What was I thinking?  I must have put hours into this project.  I did matching crowns for Abby and her new cat, and a mermaid tail which I EMBROIDERED...

and I am terrible at embroidery.  How much downtime did I have five years ago, anyway??

Oh for those lost days.  You can read all the details on Princess Fishcat here, if you're interested. 

Another time, I was going to stay in a B&B with resident cats and I actually knit a cat toy to bring along. 

These days when I go on holiday, it's a miracle if I pack enough socks.  I'm certainly not knitting gifts for the staff at the front desk the day before departure.

And then there was the year I posed my little elephant (Hubie) in all sorts of summer activities.

Learning to spin yarn...

Having a tea party with the measuring sheep...

Celebrating Canada Day with flags and knitting needles and - is that chocolate?

Pretending to be Anne of Green Gables...

Okay, I guess it's fair to say I still have time to take photographs of stuffed animals doing things you might not expect, but that's only natural.  They are so CUTE, and I have a camera.  Who could resist?

Some day I'll be at loose ends again and it won't be Hubie at the spinning wheel, I can tell you that much. It'll still be him wearing the red yarn though.  I do have some dignity.

Have a great day my friends and I'll see you tomorrow!

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