Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Knitter's Helpers

I had to spend the whole weekend knitting (such a hardship!) so the animals around here helped out with the chores.  Here they are sorting clean handknit socks for me.

Henry is keeping watch over Toffee, who - as you may recall - has something of a weakness for handknit socks.  Edgar is all about the work ethic, but Toffee can't get past the Yum.

And, sure enough...

before long Toffee was throwing out a pitch for ear warmers.  He's got good taste, I must say - these are some of my favourites.

Okay boys, back to work.

Edgar spotted a problem this time - he's so efficient.

So much more efficient than I am.  Oops!

Sorry about that, Edgar.  I guess I only saw red when I was pulling on these two.

They're pretty fast, those rabbits - done the job in no time!  Nothing left but the plea for Christmas sock privileges.

Okay Toffee, you can borrow them.  Thanks for all your help, sweetie.

Do you ever get elf help with your chores?


Su said...

Sadly the dog is of nohelp whatsoever

Mary Keenan said...

No, I can see that... less pose-able, too ;^)