Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Yarn concepts: shortage versus overstock

Last night I had a lovely reminder from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas that as of now it's okay to wrap what you're knitting, needles and all, and enjoy the peace of the season.  If I had been frantically knitting when the note arrived I would so have taken that advice, as I hope you will too should you still be knitting.

Not an issue for me this year though!  This year, not only am I too sick to knit (my fingers work now, but my nose has been replaced by a not at all yarn-friendly tap) I have been able to put the whole yarn/knits thing into perspective and just give up early.

Which makes this particular delivery so amusing to me:

It's the latest installment from the Indigo Dragonfly yarn club, With Gift - the gift being a rather fetching drawstring project bag with an image of a superhero capable of resolving any yarn shortages in a single flying leap.

I have to repeat those key words:


Having very recently spent many hours tidying up my yarn supply and sorting out what project to start next, I can't honestly say I know what 'yarn shortage' means.  Coming from a place of overmuchness, it sounds like some sort of fantasy zenlike paradise in which one has only what one needs.

Obviously this is a level of balance that would produce night terrors for many.

Maybe even me. 

Still... the dream of walking through a room without stumbling over baskets of yarn!  The luxury of guilt free knitting, because there is no yarn you're ignoring!  The freedom of a clear horizon as you work!

Okay, this is probably crazy talk.

In other news: denim blue merino/cashmere/nylon sock weight.

I think I'd really, really love a pair of loose textured sleep socks out of this stuff.  What would you make with it?

(hope your Christmas Eve is going great!)


taty's oma said...

just curious about the pink and gray shawlette featured on your blog title-couldn't find in shop or freebies ?? thanks so much-it looks fabulous and just what I would like to do for Moi !! Haven't made for me in over 7 years !!!

Happy Christmas Mary :)


Mary Keenan said...

Omigosh Joanna, you are due!!! The shawl is Sugared Violets by Rose Beck... I can't link easily in the comments here, but if you search on that at or even google you will find it. It is SUCH a cute design. Merry Christmas to you too!

Unknown said...

I finished my gift knitting (never again will I make felted slippers for ALL my relatives!) and sitting there waiting for the last two to felt I was at a loss of what to do. So I made a scarf for me! Or maybe someone else, depending on who falls in love with it. I believe I must have a disorder that requires me to be crafting as many hours a day as possible. Maybe an Etsy shop? But then I wouldn't have the fun of giving things away when just the right person shows up. :)

Mary Keenan said...

Yikes Karen... that makes me think of the year I made everybody felted wool mittens! I sewed them though, from fabric felted from thrift store sweaters. I remember doing some applique and embroidery and lining each pair with softer, lighter wool mitts but it still wouldn't have taken as long as felting all those slippers. Hope you get to keep the scarf, you've earned it!