Monday, December 29, 2014

A great holiday for a hermit

Hello there!  It's been unusually quiet here at Hugs, but I hope you were off having a wonderful holiday while I was busy not posting anything.  Or even getting any further on the one item I still wanted to give over the holiday (crossing my fingers - maybe it's still possible.)   I refer of course to Ferdinand, an unfinished sock friend.

While not knitting Ferdy I had a wonderful holiday for a hermit, like many other people in Toronto apparently, whether or not they had their 'flu shot.  I did, but the 2014 recipe didn't cover a strain that turned out to be dominant this year.  So instead of enjoying all the trimmings and delicious cookies I managed to put together in the end - or even taking pretty pictures with which to decorate this post - I enjoyed blankets, potion-infused tissues, and the magical properties of Tylenol.

Go 'flu!  No really, GO.

I had 'flu so bad, it hurt even to hold a magazine in my hands, so by the time I had a chance to open this festive beauty that appeared in my stocking, the season was already kind of past its prime.

It was five days before I could even think about picking up needles, which is a drag because Omigosh, the amount of useful knitting you can get done in five bedridden days, especially with a cold snap coming on.  During those five days all I could do was think and, at intervals, occupy myself with the books I'd loaded onto my phone.  (I was afraid to read any physical books, as my germs would have put them out of commission for anybody else.)

I read A Long Time Ago And Essentially True by Brigid Pasulka, who is my new writing hero, and also The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa which is also just Wow - a deceptively simple story and so touching.  You should seriously think about reading both of these books because they are fantastic and could only be more enjoyable among the healthy.

I also mostly recovered, but I am finding it's true what the public health ads say - the fatigue from 'flu lasts a long time  I'm kind of grateful that I'm sick over the holiday after all, because I have a shot at getting enough rest before I have to be an upright and functional person again.

Which brings me back to that upcoming cold snap.  Folks, I feel some knitting coming on.  Stay tuned (and stay warm!)


Su said...

Hope you're well enough to knit soon!

Mary Keenan said...

thanks Su!!