Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wrapping it up

As far as I'm concerned, wrapping a finished, blocked, and thankfully dried handknit is one of the best parts of Christmas.  Any sort of creative wrapping is fun though.  My favourites this year were aunt and uncle presents in a pair of chickenwire baskets:

For the older person on a scaling-down kick, there is nothing so treatlike at Christmas than a few favourite edibles.  Plus a small, meaningful Christmas ornament that works on a windowsill the rest of the year, if so desired.

And how cute are these tea towels for wrapping them in?  I wish the store had had more of them - I would love these for our place.

Of course no wrapping station is complete without an assortment of small paper bags for tiny gifts you want to look extra special as you deliver them.  I like brown paper lunchbags tied with yarn scraps for bigger knits, but for really little things and chocolate, flat bottomed paper bags are super stackable and portable for deliveries on the fly.  There are SO many colours and patterns to choose from on etsy!

The very tiny red and white ones at the top - 2.75" x 4" - were a perfect size for an earbud pouch plus an iTunes card.

Remember that for Valentine's Day, heh.

Then of course there is wrapping paper.  Pete picked up a roll that's printed with knitting stitches in almost-Attic24 colours - I could not believe the luck!

Plus: it matched this box of yummy Marks and Spencer chocolates.  Coordinating the paper to the gift: a new level of ridiculous yet satisfying wrapping achievements.

It was reversible paper. The other side is white snowflakes on red.  LOVE it.

Getting back to the brown paper lunchbags: these are so easy to keep on hand and use for all kinds of things apart from gift wrapping (like lunches, possibly), but I especially appreciate their being roomy enough for throwing in a few extra small treats.  Even chocolate is okay as long as you don't leave the bag near a radiator before you deliver it.

(I haven't done this.  I just recognize the potential.)

Thank goodness for fun wrapping, not least because it makes you not want to put off the job.  I am still sick and MAN, if these gifts weren't done and delivered I would be in a fine mess today!  As it is: I'm heading back to bed, with loads of good thoughts for cookie baking soon.

Hope your day is full of health and happiness and I'll see you tomorrow!


Su said...

Get well soon!

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks Su - doing my best ;^)