Monday, December 8, 2014

Seeing the future: knitter's edition

On a cold morning at the front of the house a couple of weeks ago, admiring the colourful ground leaves I knew I would not be able to rake up before it rained the next day, I had an amazing thought.

Barring disaster... in two years, all of our home renovation will be over.

The porch under the leaves that fall will be new and whole and its paint will not be peeling. 

In two years, I will know exactly how it worked out, living downtown instead of staying in the neighbourhood.  I will know where I ended up putting my desk in the condo we crazily bought and in the house we moved back into, and how much, exactly, it cost to move out four months before we needed to and carry two places for the duration.  When I sit typing up Hugs posts I will be sipping tea brewed in the same pot as right now, while it sat on a counter that doesn't currently exist.

In two years, I will be so broke from all that home-finishing and furnishing, it won't matter that I have an enormous degree of closet space.  I will not be buying clothes to put in it.  I will be cooking gorgeous meals in a new kitchen because takeout is no longer the easier way to get through the end of the day;  there will be more counter space than I need, instead of not enough, and our disposable income will be allocated toward covering what we spent on getting said counter space, instead of toward making a cramped house liveable.

In two years, I will be working on an actual garden in the back yard, motivated by the fact that I am looking at the lack of one all the time from our new back-yard-facing windows.

In two years....

I will still have a crazy yarn stash.

Probably with a lot of the very same yarns in it as there are right now.

What will your life look like in two years?


Su said...

Wow, two years is a loooong time!

Mary Keenan said...

Well, the reno won't take that long, but I expect the reno plus recovery will ;^)