Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finishing for Christmas

Finishing off any knit is a nice experience, but finishing Christmas knits?  A week before Christmas?  That is as good as it gets.  And if you're running in ends on a cold grey day to boot, there's the bonus that you are justified in spending it inside, tucked up, doing essential things.

And the relief of four blocked cowls, drying!

Mitigated only slightly by the fear they will not dry fast enough.  These ones might need to go into a warmer room, I think.

Jan's socks are done at last, if not attractively photographed:

I can't remember such a gloomy December!  we haven't had much sun at all yet.  But you can tell these socks are purple, at least.  I only hope the brown doesn't put her off, especially where the toes went a bit non-matchy.  I could have planned that better!  But it's too late now to fuss.

There are still some more knits to finish - small knits.  Perhaps not quite small enough for me to have time to post tomorrow, but we'll see.  If I don't, rest assured I am curled up in lamplight with a good movie and some yarn, my typing fingers occupied with grafting the ends of a series of Earbud Pouches.

Take care and have a wonderful day - see you soon! With wrapped packages under my arm, I hope.

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